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Amelia Mary Earhart $20 Specimen Polymer Test Matej Gabris 2020 Fantasy Banknote

Amelia Mary Earhart Aviator $20 Specimen Test Matej Gabris 2020 Fantasy Banknote - Genuine Matej Gabris Banknote

Limited Private issue with various security features - clear view window with watermark, micro print, high quality offset printing and individual serial number as well as features available under ultraviolet light

Printed with 10 Color Digital Offset on Transparent PVC Foil.

Limited to 600 Pieces per series

Dimensions: 151 mm x 72 mm

Front : Amelia Earhart(1897-1937) - First Female Aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

Rear: Lockheed Vega 5B

Scan shows front and back of the same note - scan is a stock scan, you will receive a similar note, only the serial number will differ

This is a lovely Specimen Non Negotiable Essay Note - NOT GENUINE CURRENCY/NOT LEGAL TENDER - For Collectors Purposes Only from one of the World´s leading banknote designers - see security features under fluorescent/black light

Shipping is in FREE Protective Plastic Envelopes and Worldwide shipping for US$3 up to US$25 worth of purchases or US$6 via registered mail for over US$25 worth of purchases , you can purchase as many items as you want for these shipping rates , we combine items for shipping