Wide Selection of Zimbabwe Banknotes available on our site


Check out our wide selection of Zimbabwe banknotes available on our site here :-


We ship worldwide via Insured Registered Airmail and depending on the size of the order we can courier it via Fedex or UPS too – of course at your request for a certain fee we can ship any order via courier, just message us at – [email protected].

We are here to satisfy you, the client!

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CollectorsCurrency.com announces Secure Site Environment with SSL Protection to Ensure Customer Safety

We are happy to announce that our site is now using SSL protection so our customers can be 100 % ensured of safety online when shopping with us via our https://www.collectorscurrency.com link .

A secure shopping environment is required by us and our customers to ensure a good shopping experience .


May 23rd 2016

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Invertir en nuevos dinares iraquíes a través de nuestra página Web hermana – www.iraqidinars.com

Invertir en nuevos dinares iraquíes a través de nuestra página Web hermana – www.iraqidinars.com – todas las denominaciones, Paypal y tarjetas de pago, de envío de FedEx rápida a su puerta.

Fuimos los primeros en distribuidor dinar de Internet desde Marzo de 2003, visite nuestro registro de dominios, no complainst nunca en contra de nosotros, un servicio excelente.

Olvídese de los demás, la mejor Fideicomiso Original, De La Rue comprobar dinares.

Bruce Tupholme



Invest in New Iraq Dinars at www.iraqidinars.com

Invest in New Iraqi Dinars via our sister website – www.iraqidinars.com – all denominations , Paypal and Cards for payment , Fedex rapid shipping to your doorstep .

 We were the first Internet dinar dealer since March of 2003 , check our domain registration , no complaints ever against us , excellent service .

 Forget the rest , Trust the best , Genuine De La Rue checked Dinars .

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Zimbabwe Revalued Trillions Billions Millions Currency Inflation Bank Notes

Be sure to check out all our Trillions , Billion , Million and last issued revalued Zimbabwe Dollar Bank Notes – we carry one of the largest selections of Zimbabwe Bank notes in the World as well as numerous other World Wide Bank note and coin sets – check out our sister sites – www.iraqidinars.com as well as www.southafricacoins.com – specialist dealers in Iraqi Dinars as well as rare graded Nelson Mandela coins .

Re-Design of CollectorsCurrency Web Page

We employed the services of Master UK Web Designer , Jason Stanely to improve our web page , here is what he did for us :-

Redesigned the site. The only thing that remains really is the two column layout. The color scheme is far more neutral. Furthermore the content starts at the top of the page instead of half way down it.

I have simplified the navigation greatly. Navigation now consists of 3 buttons at the top and 2 buttons on the right. I have also added a facility for you to add collections into the right sidebar. For example. If you would like to offer a discount on a group of items. You can create a ‘March Specials’ collection and add items to this collection.

I also built a custom search feature. It just works far better than google custom search and people will be more able to find what they are looking for.

I have also made a major change to the way that countries display. It is far more ordered and easy to use.

The final big alteration is that you can now view single items by clicking on the title. This allows you to add a description and really sell it to the customers. I believe one of the reasons for the lack of the sales has been the lack of information about various items.

We hope now that our pages are easier for banknote collectors worldwide to deal with and improve sales .

Best regards

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