Rare 1799 Original First Banknote of Portugal Money 20 000 REIS stamped D Miguel


From Portugal


With various endorsements on the rear , as shown in the scans  - Counterstamped by Supporters of the second in line to the thrown ,  Dom Miguel / in heavily circulated condition.

Worldwide registered mail shipping of Fedex ra[pid courier if requested at the rates shown .

Some history on these notes - After King Joao VI of Portugal died in 1826 , there was a bitter war of succession between his official heir Pedro IV and his younger son Miguel 1 . It became known as the War of the Two Brothers .

Banknotes became part of this story as supporters of Pedro and Miguel took circulating banknotes and overprinted them in red with the appropriate name . These notes that they used were originally issued in the 1790´s are were the first banknotes of Portugal .

They were in circulation for over 50 years and each time they went to the bank they were stamped on the back as shown in the scans and reissued .

The note for sale is with the RED Overprint - Dom Miguel -  who eventually lost this "war"

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