Banco De Kamberra 200 Numismas 2014 - Commemorative Polymer (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) 40th Birthday of the King - 1974-2014

Banco De Kamberra, 200 Numismas, 2014, Commemorative Polymer, (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) 40th Birthday of the King, 1974-2014
Cool points (why is this the coolest banknote around?). Get your magnifying glass to appreciate all the points. Scans simply do not convey, better in person.
1) Created by the greatest living banknote designer Frank Medina of France
2) Printed on biaxially oriented Polypropylene (polymer, plastic) using 7 mln dollar printing facility
3) Utilizing over 24000 individual elements and microimages to create the overall banknote canvass and imagery
4) Every single line in King's portrait (front) is done by hand, no software
5) The line at the bottom of the king's bust is made of micro-printed text
6) The shark silhouette in the front in white coincides exactly with the brown one in the back
7) The holographic security strip is made of metallic film utilizing "Hyper" effect
8) Security strip has micro numbers 200 running along the perimeter that can be seen with the magnifying glass or if one has really very good vision
9) Security strip has King's profile complete with an eye, eyebrow beard and outline of hair all done in fractions of millimeter, in lines many times thinner than human hair