South Africa 2006 Commemorative Gold + Silver Set - Otto Shultz in Wooden Box

2006 Otto Shulz 2 Coin Commemorative Set :-

Limited Worldwide Mintage : 1000 sets

Presented in the Original South African Mint Wooden Box Containing :-

 1 Tenth Ounce  Krugerrand of Proof Quality , Weight - 3.393 Grams of 22 carat Gold , Diameter : 16.50 mm

1 Penny Replica , Weight - 10 Grams of Pure Sterling Silver , Diameter : 30.80 mm

These very Special sets were produced in 2006 by the South African Mint in Conjunction with the Berlin Mint to celebrate the important Historic link between the two Countries . To celebrate OTTO SHULTZ the set contains in addition to the 1/10th ounce Krugerrand a replica of the Original 1 Penny 1892 coin struck with a Proof Finish in Pure Sterling Silver . Both coins are of exceptional Proof quality - a must for a Collector of Excellent material .


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