BERLIN MINT 1 Oz Silver PROOF Medal 125 Years 5 Shillings 1892 South Africa 999,99 Year 2017


From Germany

1 Oz Silver 125 Years 5 Shillings 1892 South Africa 2017  999,99

The first South African Kruger coins were designed in Berlin 125 years ago by the German mintmaster Otto Schultz (1848-1911) at the imperial coin Berlin. The original "Otto Schulz - Bust" by Paul Kruger is the same image that is still used today on the "Krügerrand" investment coin.

The South African mint has issued a "1967 Vintage-Krügerrand" in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand. The embossing tools for this coin were newly made using the wax model from Otto Schultz. In a technically elaborate procedure, the original wax model by Schultz was digitized by the engravers of the Mint Berlin in cooperation with the Berlin Mint for the South African Mint so that a new embossing tool could be produced there.

For the replica of the 5 Shillings coin from 1892 the coin Berlin from the year 2017 the digitized picture motif of the current Krügerrand was also used. This explains Paul Krugers' sharp-looking face on the replica, as on the Krugerrand.

Front: bust "by Paul Kruger (the same image still used today on the" Krügerrand "coin) and the Mintmark R

Back: the original back of the 5 Shillings coin from the year 1892 in addition to the embossing year of this Replica 2017



Silver Bar: 125 Years 5 Shillings 1892

Motive: 125 years 5 Shillings 1892

Border: --

Special features: --

Country of origin: Germany

Mint: Berlin Mint

Issue: 2017

Weight: 31,1 g

Fineness: Ag 999.9 %

Diameter: 37,0 mm

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